Many children living in the mountains of Nepal don’t have access to education which effects their general development and future perspectives. Also, many only speak the language of their own ethnic group. Sathiko Sath offers these disadvantaged children from the mountains a sufficient level of education in the city.


The organization has a good collaboration with one of the best schools in the city, the Little Angel’s School, to provide boys and girls with appropriate education. At the request of Sathiko Sath, the classes are classified as much as possible according to a 50-50 ratio of boys and girls. By stimulating the children after returning to their village, the children on their turn can help their own village and its residents.


Children who speak the language of their own ethnic group must first learn Nepalese. The Little Angel’s School is making a great effort to bring these children to the correct literate level so that they can follow the program.

In addition to training, Sathiko Sath provides internal housing. About 10 minutes walking distance from the school, the organization has a boys and girls home. The houses are run by care parents. The boys and girls sleep separated, but all joint activities take place in one house. The native language in the houses is General-Required Nepali and English.


Sathiko Sath Nederland is responsible for strategy and supervision and is ultimately responsible. Sathiko Sath Nepal is made up of parents and fulfills the executive function. DITO has financed the playground for all residents of the boys and girls home.


For more information: www.sathikosath.nl